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I am so pleased I found you online I must be the last to know about you but I am forever grateful to have discovered it. - Elizabeth

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Unwind and deeply relax with a full body At-Home Swedish Massage and classic At-Home Pedicure. Feel the full effects of true relaxation and healing with our uplifting visiting massage treatments, paired with a full luxury pedicure in true comfort.

    Treatment Details – Swedish Massage & Pedicure

    At-Home Swedish Massage : Is a full-body therapy, so your home massage therapist will first of all conduct a brief consultation, clarifying any issues you may have, such as pre-existing injury, allergies and pregnancy as these conditions will alter the way the massage is applied.

    Your home massage therapist will smooth luxury massage oil on your skin and apply long strokes with their hands following the five traditional Swedish techniques of gliding, kneading, friction, stretching and tapping. The massage will move onto your legs, stimulating circulation, then the arms, neck and shoulders. You can expect to feel your muscles warm and relax as your massage therapist works with varying pressure on your tension points, leaving you feeling blissfully relaxed.

    At-home Pedicure: It's easy to neglect your feet, so show them you care with a full luxury at-home pedicure. Put the spring back in your step with a soothing foot massage, along with the 'cut, buff and file' of a classic pedicure, topped with the glossy nail colour of your choice.

  • Read more details in the ‘What to Expect’ section of Swedish Massage .

    Enjoy the Benefits

  • Enjoying Return to Glory Mobile Massage & Beauty London treatments in your own home means you won't need to expose your freshly pampered skin convenient, pleasurable and easy.
  • All the equipment and products required for your Swedish Massage & Pedicure are supplied by your therapist.
  • Comfortable, convenient and cosy. There's really no place like home for a bit of you-time.

    Trained Mobile Massage & Beauty Therapists London

    Our Return to Glory team of Mobile Massage & Beauty London therapists are carefully selected for their qualifications, experience and professional manner in massage.

    For Swedish Massage & Pedicure our therapists are qualified in massage, as a minimum to NVQ Level 3 or above.

    The Admin

  • To secure your booking payment is taken in advance by credit card, your gift voucher or discount package code.
  • For cancellations or time change please give us 48 hours notice.
  • Our Mobile Massage & Beauty London therapists are available for early morning or late evening appointments. Please note that our late evening beauty services incur a late fee of £15 after 8.30pm.
  • To save up to 20% on your Swedish Massage & Pedicure appointments see our Discount Packages.

Please confirm the treatments you are looking to have prior to your appointment so we can bring everything with us that we need for you. This is your time so feel free to let your beauty andmassage therapist know what you need. If you would like us to spend more time on your massage rather than manicure or just need a mini wax after your luxury pedicure simply let us know. We are here to accommodate where we can. If at any time during your appointment you remember something else you would like to have done or would like to extend your massage please just ask your therapist. At the end feel free to put your next treatment or session in the diary with your mobile therapist so you have another thing ticked off your list.

Home Massage Treatments. Your Return to Glory mobile massage therapist will arrive with their mobile massage bed (it’s a proper bed, it just happens to fold for travel) and everything needed for your massage treatment including the towels. If you prefer to use your own towels please let us know. Drink plenty of water after your massage treatment and allow yourself time to rest.

Home Beauty Treatments. We may need access to warm water and possibly a power plug. Your Return to Glory therapist will arrive with everything required for your beauty treatment including all theproducts and equipment.

Home Waxing Treatments. Full body waxing treatment can not to be mixed in the same appointment with massage treatments and facial treatments can not be held at the same time as facial waxing. However if you would like a leg & bikini wax and would like a relaxing massage treatment we can focus your massage on the neck, back and shoulder areas with some relaxing Indian head massage as well. Following all waxing treatments drink plenty of water and please avoid hot bathes or any perfumed body lotion for 8 hours following the wax treatment.

Why you love what we do

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"The experience was very relaxing and personal. Faye-Louise was very friendly, attentive and catered to my needs. The massage was relaxing and she concentrated to help my troubled areas. Website is so easy to use and to book treatments. Will definitely book again."

Carla on Faye-Louise L

"I really enjoy the relaxing time spent with Pam while she done my pedicure and massage ! I'm very happy with her high standard work which provided to me ! Thx Pam"

Adriana on Pam S

"Great massage and pedicure/ totally relaxing"

Angela on Faye-Louise L

"I had a Swedish massage and pedicure from Rebecca and I have to say, they were hands down the best massage and pedicure i've ever had. She knows exactly what she is doing and was very easy to be around too. She was very persistent with my knotted back and I slept like a baby afterwards. She even managed to squeeze in threading my eyebrows at the end! I'm converted to the joys of Return to Glory and will definitely book Rebecca again."

Lucy on Rebecca Amlani

"Denisha's massages are amazing - a great range of techniques to suit my needs and my shoulders (suffering from long term stresses and post natal strain) have never felt so good!"

Helen on Denisha M

"Marina was a very competant flexible consultant who was able to resolve all my aches and pains, will certainly be seeing her again."

Will on Marina Constantinou

"Heaven! I had a massage with Samantha and she even did some Indian head massage and reiki. She even brought a heated blanket to lie on and an ipod with speakers. She thought of everything. Great great great."

Amanda on Samantha Bernard

Swedish Massage & Pedicure
"The experience was very relaxing and personal. Faye-Louise was very friendly, attentive and catered to my needs. The massage was relaxing and she concentrated to help my troubled areas. Website is so easy to use and to book treatments. Will definitely book again." Carla
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